Singer / Songwriter

As a singer / songwriter accompanied with a guitar, I make a mix of easy listening, jazz, blues and pop songs under the name of “Grandler”. Besides covers, which are interpreted in a particular way, I play my own compositions. It guarantees pure, sincere and heartfelt music, straight from the soul. People can also book me as a singer in a duo, trio or band occupation, accompanied by other professional musicians and guest soloists who have a great reputation in Jazz.
Upcoming gigs Grandler:

The Battle Creek Trio

The Battle Creek Trio is a band consisting of three experienced professional musicians; Jeroen Vrolijk (drums), Mark van der Feen (Rhodes), Rob vd Biggelaar (Vocals, guitar / dobro). The musical base is located in the “old school” Rythm & Blues covers with trips to Rock & Roll, Jazz and Pop. The set is mixed with their own work. Live a real thrill! So … come and see the Battle Creek Trio.

Check the Facebookpage of The Battle Creek Trio for news and gigs.

The Battle Creek Roots Orchestra

The Battle Creek Roots Orchestra arose from the occasional band ROBB with Friends, composed by Rob van den Biggelaar in August 2012, for a benefit concert for the Ubuntu organization in Bavel (NL). The band consists of his friends including both professional musicians and good amateurs. All chosen for common properties; outsiders with the same humor and like-minded musicians (music for the music). The band consists of various special instruments including mandolin, accordion, Hammond organ, dobro, washboard, trumpet and sousaphone. The repertoire consists of covers of old artists like Leadbelly, Fats Domino, Robert Johnson as well as contemporary artists, whose repertoire is arranged at the composition of the band. Own work is also added to the band’s set list. In the end this results in a mixture of delta blues, New Orleans jazz, country and rock and roll. In short; music whose origins lie in the ancient 12 – bar blues. The music is genuinely placed in a way that one does not has often seen or heard!
This band has been playing in venues such as The Paradox (Tilburg), The International Zydeco Festival (Raamsdonksveer), and many more.

Check the Facebookpage of The Battle Creek Roots Orchestra for news and gigs.

Arranger / Composer

As an arranger and composer I write arrangements and compositions for various vocal groups (mostly acapella), percussion groups and orchestras & brass bands. For more information please contact me.


Bigband 2Swing4U

United Souls

This band was founded in the time of resurgent Jazz. The band consists of three driven young professional musicians, with an extensive stage experience; Jeroen Torrente (guitar), Coen Pel (Bass), Rob vd Biggelaar (Vocals). Do not expect standard Jazz of these men, but bold arrangements in a contemporary trendy jacket that snuggle up in the ear. All this gives a mixture of different styles, which arises from the different backgrounds of these passionate musicians, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Soul. It all comes together in a metered Jazzy sound in the broadest sense of the word, where boundaries are searched and occasionally exceeded. Relive old songs and you will feel a piece of recognition in a pleasant surprise. Basic, pure, special and yet contemporary fresh with a raw edge! The right balance between commerce and a piece of whimsy.

Phoenix Red

Phoenix Red; stirring, pure, powerful, back to basic and self-willed music! Influenced by bands such as The Doors, Stone Temple Pilots, The Who, QOTSA, BRMC and many more. Since 2006 they’ve built a solid live reputation with their energetic performance. Not only in small venues but also in bigger stages such as Melkweg Amsterdam, 013 Tilburg, W2 Den Bosch and Mezz Breda. Already gained a place in the National Final of Global Battle of the Bands (2006) and the Benelux final of Emergenza (2007). In January 2007 the band released their first EP called “Madman’s cry”, later on in 2007 two songs are released on the It’s Your Record Label (Netherlands) and Sunny Side Up records (Belgium). In January 2008 they where the support act of Ellen ten Damme show at the Mezz Breda. In May 2008, after a two nice years of solid rock and great gigs, they decided to call it a day due to other priorities and interests in music.

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