Singing with distortion at Vocal Studio ROBB

In this blog we pay attention at singing with distortion. A short piece of a singing lesson at Vocal Studio ROBB is shown in the video below in which we work on singing with distortion. A phrase of a song is used in which the student likes to sing with distortion at the beginning of the phrase and then switch to a high clean belt. Important steps for learning to sing with distortion or with other vocal effects are:

  • Before you want to learn the effect, first sing the phrase clean and with an open sound at the desired pitch (this is an important condition!).
  • Sing! Don’t shout.
  • Learn the distortion technique (However, this should never hurt or provoke a cough).
  • Sing the phrase from the song with distortion on the desired pitch.

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Rob van den Biggelaar is a qualified singing teacher (Bmus hons singing) and owner of Vocal Studio ROBB. In addition, he is a lyricist and composer at ROBB’s Art of Music. Rob is a member and former board member of the NVZ. In addition to his work as a singing teacher, he works as a music teacher (Bmus) in secondary education. Rob has over 25 years of experience as a singer and guitarist in various bands with various styles. As a singing teacher he has a broad knowledge of contemporary vocal methods (CVT, EVTS, Pahn, TVS, etc). He maintains this knowledge intensively through masterclasses and courses. In his singing practice he uses those singing methods, which best suits the student and his / her goals or wishes. In this way, there is a suitable working method for each student. Because in his opinion there is not one singing method that suits everyone. As a singer and as a person we are all different, also in terms of learning style. Vocal Studio ROBB offers singing lessons for beginners to advanced singers and professionals, for ages from 8 to 60 plus. The key focuses are: Quality, personal, goal-oriented, flexible, intensive, developing your own voice.

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