1. The lesson/lessons can be scheduled, after purchasing a lesson or lessons, on the basis of the available open days and times on the website zangstudiorobb.nl. Vocal studio ROBB also takes into account the vacation period of the secondary school of the Southern region of The Netherlands.

2. Maximum 1 introductory lesson can be taken per individual at Vocal studio ROBB.

3. The maximum validity of the lessons in vocal studio ROBB are as shown in the diagram below:

Lessons Maximum Validity Lesson(s)
Giftcard 3 months
Introductory lesson 1 month
1 hour 1 month
3 hours 2 months
6 hours 3 months
5 hours 6 months
10 hours 6 months
15 hours 9 months
20 hours 12 months

The validity period starts from the first scheduled lesson date. School holidays (South region of the Netherlands) are not counted. After the validity period of the lesson(s), all lessons will expire, even when the lesson is, or the lessons are, not (all) planned and followed. All Lessons that are not planned and followed after the validity period will be charged 100%. Therefor the student is responsible for the planning of his / her lesson(s). The risk of not timely scheduling of a lesson or lessons is therefore for the student themselves. Advice is therefore that the student after purchasing their lessons, the student immediately schedules his/her lesson(s), to avoid disappointment afterwards. Lessons can be scheduled weekly or once every two weeks, the student and Vocalstudio ROBB will agree in this before the start of the lessons and is leading in the planning of the lessons. The student will schedule the lessons on day and time via the online calendar of Vocal Studio ROBB, based on the availability of Vocal studio ROBB. In consultation with Vocals studio ROBB, the student may schedule 2 hours per week maximum in exceptional cases. If it happens that in some weeks you’ve scheduled your lessons on a weekly base, while having a lesson frequency of once every two weeks, Vocal Studio ROBB will look if that’s possible considering availability for other students that particular week. When it’s not possible, Vocal Studio ROBB will let you know by e-mail. Any extension of the validity period of the lesson / lessons is only possible for medical reasons, an official doctor’s certificate is needed. Vocal Studio ROBB will then determine the new validity period.

4. If the teacher is unable to attend on short-term, the lesson will be overtaken within the maximum validity period of the purchased lesson / lessons. If the teacher is unable to attend for a longer period, a suitable solution will be provided.

5. The lesson / lessons in Vocal Studio ROBB is/are personal. If you want to move or cancel a lesson, click “Cancel/object” under the reservation details in your confirmation email. It is therefore important that you carefully save your confirmation email from your planned lesson(s). Each lesson can be re-planned only one time.

6. Cancellation of reserved lessons at Vocal Studio ROBB is possible until 48 hours up front. With cancellations less than 48 hours before the start of the lesson, the lesson will be charged 100%.

7a. The purchased lesson / lessons at Vocal Studio ROBB must be paid at all times by the participant or legal representative, within the applicable payment period to Vocal Studio ROBB. Cessation of payments of the purchased lesson / lessons is / are not possible.

7b. If demonstrable, students who are full-time students up to the age of 25 can purchase a lesson card at the rates of students under 21 years of age.

8. Vocal Studio ROBB is not liable for damage that the pupil/student may suffer during the lesson/lessons.

9. Vocal Studio ROBB is not responsible for the installation of software used for the lesson(s) and can not be held responsible for its operation. Neither for the working of the recorded audio of the lesson(s).  The recorded audio of the lessons and results remain the intellectual property of Vocal Studio ROBB at all times. Recorded audio of the lessons can only be used by the student for their own use in the form of private training at home and may not be published in public in any form.

10. In all cases, where these regulations do not or does not provide sufficient, decisions are made by Vocal Studio ROBB. When the Dutch government, in the context of the general social interest, changes rules so that physical lessons are not possible, the lessons will continue online.

11. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the student or his /her legal representative shows to have taken implicit 

knowledge of it and he / she agrees to the above terms and conditions of Vocal Studio ROBB, the corresponding invoice and payment period and that he / she has entered all info on the website www.zangstudiorobb.nl into all truth.

12. These terms and conditions will remain valid as long as lessons are taken by the student from Vocal Studio ROBB.

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