Lessons during the corona crisis

Unfortunately, the life we ​​were all used to has changed rapidly in recent weeks due to the corona crisis. It is a surreal image, which unfortunately has become reality. Through this message, Vocal Studio ROBB would like to thank its current students, who have now converted their physical lesson into an online lesson. Some were a bit hesitant, but once they attended an online lesson, everyone was convincingly positive! Among other things, we got back that; it was nice that the lessons could continue, it provides positive distraction and it saves a ride to the teaching practice at Strijbeek.

Vocal studio ROBB has been teaching online since 2014 and has extensive experience with it and with worldwide students! What used to be a 20-80 rule, with 20% already taking online lessons and 80% coming to the studio in Strijbeek, has now changed to almost 100% online!

Converting your physical lessons to online lessons now provides a bit of pleasant distraction, relaxation, continuity and above all musicality!

In short: What do you basically need for an online lesson?

– A stable internet connection
– Good operation of audio and microphone via your PC, tablet or phone. Connecting an external microphone and boxes to it provides an even better result.
– The free Zoom app.

Vocal studio ROBB wishes everyone a lot of strength and where possible positivity!
Above all, stay healthy !!

This post is also available in Nederlands