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During the vocal lessons, Vocal Studio ROBB uses different vocal methods used within contemporary singing. On the base of experience of  courses, training or masterclasses (this includes TVS, EVTS, CVT, Pahn, Berkleemusic, Lichtenberger, etc.). All these methods helped Rob van den Biggelaar as a voice teacher and as a singer. Vocal Studio ROBB uses the content of the method, which best suits the student and his / her goals or desires. This gives Vocal Studio ROBB multiple angles to work with, so that each student gets the most appropriate approach. Because not every method suits everyone!

To properly and effectively give the singing lessons, Vocal Studio ROBB has developped its own competency development plan for singers / vocalists of contemporary music. This competency development plan consists of five main categories (see figure below), which includes 33 learning areas with associated competencies divided into different stages of development (from beginner to professional). This competency development plan provides the framework for the content of the singing lessons of Vocal Studio ROBB. Are you curious whether this way of working suits you? Please contact us!

Method Vocal Studio ROBB

More information on some of the vocal methods Vocal Studio ROBB is using:


This American vocal method of The Vocalist Studio (TVS) of founder Robert Lunte, can be a recurring theme in the vocal training of singing lessons at Vocal Studio ROBB. Rob van den Biggelaar followed the intensive Master Course Instructor training. This method is used by internationally known singers; Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains, Mad Season), Ann Wilson (Heart) and many others. Key elements of this method are: Assigning mass to each phonation, training bridging and connecting skills (learning to seamlessly bridge the vocal break and sing high notes with convincing, full tone), training workflows, mastery of specialized onsets, formant tuning, vocal modes (Physical and Acoustic), vowel modification formulas and training routines, training with amplification.


This originally Danish singing method was developed by Catherine Sadolin and is used worldwide. The Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a method for all vocal styles and includes basic principles, voice functions (neutral, curbing, overdrive and edging), soundcolour and effects. Rob van den Biggelaar has followed a number of workshops and masterclasses given by, among others, Catherine Sadolin and Jeroen Manuhutu.


The Estill Voice Training System (EVTS) was developed by Jo Estill (USA) and is one of the first contemporary vocal methods used worldwide since years. The EVTS method consists of several necessary physiological figures for voice control and combinations thereof that result in six voice qualities. Rob van den Biggelaar has followed EVTS course level 1 and 2 with Alberto ter Doest.


The nasal method is a German-based practice method for singing and speaking, by Johannes and Elke Pahn. The method can be used to treat and prevent different types of speech and vocal disorders. Rob has followed a number of lessons in this method with Rob Stallinga.


This German method doesn’t examine the sound of a voice with a pre-defined concept, but it’s about understanding the voice as an organic function. Without prejudice but to carefully analyze its sound and vibrations. This awareness process can be of practical value to (professional) singers and speakers exposed to high levels of physical effort in their performances, thus improving their vocal skills and voice health. Rob van den Biggelaar learned using parts of this method with Maud vd Luijtgaarden.

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