The following workshops are for (small) groups, private organizations, vocal groups or for primairy or secundary education and can be held on location or in our studio, depending on the group size. For prices mail us please.

1. Vocal workshops

Are held on location for divers singing groups with all styles. But also for companies, selective companies and associations who wish to have a good time singing! Contents of the workshops are based on customization and specific questions or based on our own supply. For more information please contact us by filling in the contact form below.

2. Singer/Songwriter workshops

– Single workshop “Songwriting”:

During this workshop students get to know the basics of songwriting. They are going to write their own lyrics in groups, under the guidance of a professional singer/songwriter, who in recent years won numerous prizes with his own songs in leading songwriting contests in the UK and USA!
On the basis of sound examples of old and current pop hits, the basic theory of songwriting is teached. After which the students themselves form in groups to get started with writing their own lyrics! Eventually the whole song is presented to each other and each one will get feedback regarding the written text. Additionally the workshop leader can make suggestions for a melody line while improvising on chords.

Addressed among other things are: What makes a song popular? Where do you want to write about and what subjects are mostly used in hit songs? What tools are there for writing a song? What rhyme types can you use?

– Single workshop “Compose music under your lyric”:

As a sequel to the workshop “songwriting” participants in this workshop learn how to add a melody line to your lyrics. We’ll experiment with different styles of contemporary music. We’ll use instruments present on the school itself, or on the basis of audio files which are delivered by the workshop leader (possibly already prior to the workshop).

– Complete workshop singer/songwriter (beginner and/or advanced):

These workshops consist of 10 meetings in which the fundamental principles of songwriting is discussed. You write your own song in this series of meetings, on the basis of your own instrument (guitar or piano). Only requirement is that you are familiar with playing a chord instrument (piano and/or guitar). Addressed among other things are: song structure, how to make a melody line, writing a text, coming up with a rhythm and coming up with the chords for the song. For advanced songwriters there is a workshop of 10 meetings, in which we’ll deeply discuss these songwriting topics . If you are interested and/or you want to know more? Please fill in the contact form below.

3. Bandcoaching

Vocal Studio ROBB can also be approached for band coaching, all light music styles are welcome and also bands that play their own music. Band presentation, developing teamwork, adjusting the total band sound and individual coaching, are some aspects that can be worked on. Questions? Please fill in the contact form below.

4. Music Workshops for toddlers

Vocals Studio ROBB also provides musical workshops in preschool education. On the basis of own compositions and methods, toddlers get acquainted with music and musical instruments. At this time, Vocals Studio ROBB provides musical workshops at Pebbels in Breda and on a project basis in various youth centers and child care centers. More information? Please fill in the contact form below.

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