“Nasal? What do you mean? “… Taking singing lessons for me especially means awareness. Rob helps me immensely to check again and again what I do and how. Thereby I get more control over my voice and I’m singing more dosed. Rob gives his lessons in a positive way, and he’s never scared to answer the questions I come up with, skillfully he puts the finger on the weak spot. That gives me confidence! For example, now I know, that the modification of vowels can give a world of difference. That was really an eyeopener. Singing is easier! I’ve had direct advantage of the lessons while singing onstage and that’s really great!”

Module Sing for Fun!

You enjoy singing and it makes you happy? Never dared to take singing lessons, because you don’t know if you can sing? Or are you that person that already sings and wants to improve? Come alone or with your partner or friend and let’s sing! Singing is for everyone and anyone can learn how to sing within his or her own capabilities. At the end of each lesson you will leave with a smile on your face and full of energy! We can work on thing s like; harmony in singing, correct breath management, sound placement, song interpretation, etc. But also on specific vocal questions and goals of yourself. You can plan your lesson directly online at a day and time that suits you best!

Number of persons:
Private lesson or duo lesson.

Minimum lesson quantity: 
5 hours.

Age group:
Starting from 21 years old.

Genre & Style:
All styles of light music are welcome, from Pop to Rock, Blues to Jazz, Musical, Soul, R&B, Singer-songwriter, you name it.

Prices Module Sing for Fun!:

Amount of lessonsDiscount %Price incl. DiscountMax. validity exc. schoolholidays
5-€ 300,-3 months
106%€ 564,-6 months
158%€ 828,-9 months
2010%€ 1080,-12 months

– Total amount can be paid all at once or in fixed monthly payments. 

– Duo lessons are more beneficial, as the total lesson price can be shared by two students.

– Vocal studio ROBB is not subject to VAT.

– Class day and time can be flexibly planned by the students via an online agenda.

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