“Rob has extensive experience in vocal techniques and is always enthusiastic. His enthusiasm has a stimulating effect and has helped me to create a good foundation for my voice in 2-3 years. Every week I looked forward to the lessons from Rob. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a great vocal coach!”

Module Singing Lessons Student

Are you a student that likes to sing? Do you just enjoy singing as a form of relaxation in addition to your busy (high) school time? Would like to take singing lessons from a good and experienced vocal coach? Learn the basic techniques of singing as among other things; proper breathing techniques, avoid vocal breaks, good use of breath support, how to get more volume when singing, expanding your vocal range, learn how to sing those tricky high notes with a full and powerful sound, etc. The musical experience is central to the singing lessons, so you can sing a song very quickly. In addition, we teach students to discover their own voice and how to use and develop it to increase opportunities. Because every voice is unique! You can plan your lesson directly online at a day and time that suits you best!

Number of persons:
Private lesson or duo lesson.

Minimum lesson quantity: 
5 hours.

Age group:
From 17 to 21 years old.

Genre & Style:
All styles of light music are welcome, from Pop to Rock, Blues to Jazz, Musical, Soul, R&B, Singer-songwriter, you name it.

Prices Module Singing Lessons Student:

Amount of lessonsDiscount %Price incl. discountMax. validity exc. schoolholidays
5-€ 270,-3 months
106%€ 507,606 months
158%€ 745,209 months
2010%€ 972,-12 months

– Students up to 21 years of age have a discount on the hourly rate, this has already been settled in the price table above.

– Total amount can be paid all at once or in fixed monthly payments. 

– Duo lessons are more beneficial, as the total lesson price can be shared by two students.

– Vocal studio ROBB is not subject to VAT.

– Class day and time can be flexibly planned by the students via an online agenda.

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