Vocal lessons in Breda

We’ve been asked for vocal lessons in Breda and surroundings on a regular base. We would like to inform you that our Vocal Studio is in a small town close to Breda where vocal coach Rob van den Biggelaar works with all kind of vocalists, professional singers and people who’ve just started singing. So if you’re from Breda and surroundings and searching for a good professional vocal coach at Breda who can lift your voice to a higher level, you’re at the right place at Vocal Studio ROBB. We work with several contemporary vocal methods and techniques and in particular the relatively new TVS method from the USA. This method guarantees results on vocals techniques and uses good workout routines to maintain your voice and to develop it further. If you want more info please send us an e-mail, give us a call or check the website www.zanglessenbreda.nl.