Use your own voice and timbre

A short blog about the voice and its uniqueness; From my teaching practice I regularly novice singers  who like to sing like their favorite singer (es). My response is often; “Why would you want that?”. Some answers I get are; “Because her singing is beautiful” or “Because he has a cool voice.” Of course, “beautiful” and “cool” herein are subjective concepts and

what is a “good” or “cool”, the other is not mandatory. I also give then that there already exists one such singer (es)! So why would we want to create a second?
Of course you can of your favorite singer (es) learning, for example, by listening carefully to what they actually do with their singing voice. They just do not go blindly imitate. Because what makes precisely that your favorite singer (es) has such a special voice and become familiar with it?
His or her own voice plays a leading role. What we consider important in Vocal Studio ROBB, is that you have your own unique voice and singing skills -Timbre plus you learn to discover and continues to develop. Here we will help you with it! Step by step we are going to work on realistic and achievable goals. More info? Please contact us!

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